Celebrating with my Sister

It’s no secret if you’ve known me for a while that my sister and I were like oil and water when we were growing up. She was a cheerleader, and I was a geek. She partied like a rock star while I hid in my closet and read a book. But no matter how different we seem, she's still my big sister and I'm proud to say it!

After sharing a room for 17 years, I know my sister’s moods like the back of my hand. I know exactly what to say to piss her off, and I know the precise slump in her shoulders that tells me when she’s feeling down. I also know her smile when she’s really happy, like REALLY HAPPY!

To say I am so excited for my sister is an understatement. She’s had to go through heartbreak and loss too many times for how young she is. When I see her smile like this, I know in my heart of hearts she’s finally getting her storybook happy ending.

Not only are we all excited for little Harper Lynn to arrive, but we also are excited to welcome Mike and his son, Porter, into our crazy family. 

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